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Looking for space to hold a meeting, recital, birthday or retirement party or fundraiser?

Our finely appointed West Wing Library Room features our 1904 5'6" grand piano, a P.A. system, internet Wi-Fi., and 75" Monitor.
Seating Capacity:
48 with Six Round Tables,
60 with Ten Long Tables,
68 with Chairs Only.

Our East Wing, the former State Bank of Ramona, features our 1925 5'6" grand piano, internet Wi-Fi, and 70" Monitor.
Seating Capacity:
32 with Four Round Tables,
42 with Seven Long Tables,
48 with Chairs Only.

Both Wings have Edison Electric Lights, Forced Air Heating and Cooling, as well as Ceiling Fans.

Basic Hourly Rates, Which Includes Tables and Chairs:
East Wing $30
West Wing $40.


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Ramona Town Hall Video

‘Sleeping Beauty’ Awakens…

There is a Sleeping Beauty

On the Main street of town…

Stately she rests, her history profound…

The sleep has been long;

the doze has been deep,

much in disarray, The legacy a heap…

How to wake her, what went wrong?

The slumber continues,

the nap is too long

From Chambers to classes

to celebrations and such…

She is missing, oh so much

The coffers are empty; the well has run dry…

The snooze continues…

And we all ask why

So the people assembled, uniting as one…

Plans were made, ideas begun

How to wake the Sleeping Beauty,

Questions abound…the drowse seems endless…

The 'Jewel of our Town'

The people spoke both timid and bold…

Should we let her sleep, is she too old?

''Not as long as I'm alive''…

''we'll find the money dime by dime''

The course was set…the plans were made…

At last we have a small brigade

The interest is high the attachment is deep...

But how to end this long long sleep?

The task is arduous the labor abounds…

She's rare and unique among american towns

We honor the care takers from yester year

And thank them abundantly for holding her dear…

As the Sleeping Beauty awakens,

I think I hear a sound…

Society prevails, the people are crowned

So let's celebrate together the rest is now done,

Awakening a spirit…

There's work to be done

by: Honorary Mayor Sharon Davis